Wednesday, June 24, 2020

June Amazon Favorites (Pregnancy Friendly!)

Water Bottle - Apparently you're supposed to be drinking a ton of water and this is helping keep me accountable since it has little markers with ounces. 

Pregnancy Pillow  - It's pretty hideous, but it gives me back support while sleeping at night. It is a monster so prepare for your partner to be a little offended with their lack of space hahaha.

Essence - Pregnancy safe. Never have I heard of this until this year when researching pregnancy safe skincare. It basically prepares your skin for moisturizer and I am 100% a believer now. My moisturizer feels so much smoother when going on my skin after I apply this first (with a cotton pad!) I think it works really well for dry skin.

Shampoo/ Conditioner - No sulfates, silicones, or parabens making it pregnancy safe. And it smells SO deliciously good.

Moisturizer - Love that this is a clean beauty brand and pregnancy safe. It feels like a gel like moisturizer and absorbs right into my skin. I apply to face and neck!

Belly Butter - Not an overpowering smell. Apply morning and night. It takes a while to rub in which I don't mind since I know that means it is extra thick.

Eye Cream - Smells amazing, pregnancy safe, apply morning and night. I haven't noticed if it helps my dark circles but I like that it's a clean product.

Prenatal Vitamins - I couldn't stomach the Olly ones and switched to these. They have the Omega 3's and DHA that is necessary to have while pregnant. They taste amazing IMO. I have to have dummies haha.

Lip Treatment- I apply every night before bed. It smells amazing and is super thick and moisturizing. It has a nude sheen to it so I think it's definitely for bedtime. I wake up with super soft lips every morning thanks to this!!!

Belly Support Band - This has been great for walks outside. My belly and back feel super supported. They also have a black color.

S  H  O  P   T  H  E   P  O  S  T


Friday, April 24, 2020

First Trimester Pregnancy Update

Yep.. you read that right! We are having another baby!! I wanted to be better this pregnancy about documenting and sharing more because it's such a fun, but challenging time (especially right now, right?). I also love reading about other pregnancy journeys and trimester updates. I can't believe I am finally through the first trimester. It definitely feels like the longest one in my opinion. 
If you have questions leave them below and I'll get to them!! 


 I can tell so early on when I'm pregnant because my boobs are sore immediately (around 3 weeks). I bought this kit on Amazon of pregnancy tests and tested around 3.5 weeks and got a negative! A couple of days later I tried again and it was positive... I SCREAMED and my little sister was there with me. Colin, my husband, wasn't the first to know this pregnancy or the last which he is still kind of bitter about.. LOL. He found out on his own, when he was looking for something in my purse and found a pregnancy test (I bought one of those pregnant or not pregnant ones from Target to confirm for the 4th time hahah). 


  • Nausea:  This started around 5 weeks if I remember correctly, ugh! No throwing up (except once, TMI) but just extremely nauseous all day. My Dr. prescribed me Zoran! Last pregnancy I used B6 + Unisom which did not help this time around:(
  • Food Aversions:  Obviously, this isn't unique haha but I basically could only stomach carbs! I did not want veggies or coffee (so weird for me).
  • Exhaustion:  I've just been so tired all day. I am most awake in the morning and then it hits at lunchtime. I am 15 weeks (at the time of this post) and still feel tired all day. 
  • Difficulty Sleeping:  I remember this from the last time and it's so annoying! Mostly, my bladder wakes me up..LOL. 
  • Weird Dreams:  Strange right?! Apparently it's because of all those hormones. 


First, let me throw it out there.. DO NOT put so much stress and pressure on yourself to be perfect and eat healthy or exercise 100% of the time. It's just not worth it. Enjoy your pregnancy and indulge when you want. Talk with doctor for reassurance, that has been what's helped me. 

In all honesty, for the most part of the first trimester I ate whatever the heck I wanted and did not care because I felt so nauseous all day. My doctor reminded me that my body is in survival mode and it is OKAY to eat all the carbs. 

Now that I'm officially in my second trimester, I am going to try to make some swaps for healthier choices but still eat things I find delicious. Listed some of my cravings below and how I may (or may not) change it up!

  • Sweets:   I was really craving Twizzlers, sour gummy worms, and any fruity candy. Sadly, those are loaded with sugar, ugh!! I am so lucky Smart Sweets exists this pregnancy. They have so many flavors and taste as good as the real thing. I'll link those and other guilt free sweet treats. 

  • Salty:   Chickfila, Chickfila, and more Chickfila, thanks. Seriously, I think I had it every day for a couple weeks...... While nothing compares, I tried getting fiber filled crackers, popcorn, and other salty things. Linking those too. 

  • Meals:  In the first trimester, there were no meals happening really. It was pretty much a lot of constant stacking all day. For the second trimester, the formula I try following is to have a protein, a healthy fat, and greens! Of course I have a carb at every meal because, duh. 

Other Random Cravings I Had:

  • Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwhiches
  • Coke (will link an alternative!)
  • Provolone & Ham Subs on Sweet Hawaiian Rolls (like how random)
  • Chips & Dip
  • Waffles, Bagels, any breakfast pastry
  • Cereal - Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles 


I exercised normally from weeks 1-4 (obviously because I had no symptoms yet). I was doing a spin class combined with Kayla Itsines' BBG program. Now that I am feeling better my favorite pregnancy safe programs/Instagram pages are:
  • The Sculpt Society
  • BBG, Kelsey Wells Post-Pregnancy Program
  • Kim Perry (@kimperryco) on instagram
  • Dana Landgren (same name on Instagram!)
  • Melissa Wood Health -she has a youtube as well as Instagram with same name! 


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